O viajante

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O viajante

20 de março de 2019

Exiled in my own homeland
I’m as quite living in a foreign land,
Away from those known stars.
What is this double rainbow formed
Within an empty sky?
I almost can raise my hand and reach them.
A vision that kept me cheerful and hoping.
Got the work done.
That’s enough, for now.

An empty space inside out to keep my breath.
“Another beer” – I was almost begging to the bartender,
Even if I was one of the few customers last.
Beer came cold as it was supposed to be.
Actually, I was wondering for a dirty martini.
Not in this place,
They don’t even know the difference from the dry one,
Just drink this beer, damn!

That’s my routine since I got to this prison,
Sent by no one but myself.
This is, after all, my exile.
This is my job.
My enclosed light,
My home.

Good night, bartender.
I’ll abide till you open tomorrow.

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